When a young man by the name of Ng Chong Kiat first began what is known as CK East Group, he had only a vision of what he wished to accomplish and little else. He is a self-taught man, having left formal education to pursue the work-force, his first full-time job was in construction. Here he found his passion and he has thrived, dreamt, and created with that passion as his inspiration for more than twenty years.

Each development with the CK East Group stamp is designed with the idea in mind to inspire others who like Ng Chong Kiat may have come from poverty, that they too can rise up and realize their dreams. Each of the homes and office complexes developed is unique in design and exclusive to CK East Group. Each a work of inspiration, to become an inspiration to those who come to live, work, and play.

It is with this same vision, this same philosophy that Ng Chong Kiat brought Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd on board as a subsidiary to develop Rencana Royale. This property made available exclusively to Malay owners is located on an on a two-acre Malay Reserve parcel in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ng Chong Kiat has made it his quest to only surround himself with creative talent with the ability to think outside-the -box, and who believe that the sky is not the limit, for to believe in limitations is setting oneself up for failure.

It is due to this philosophy and this faith in not only himself but Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd, that in spite of construction and other setbacks, Rencana Royale will soon be in its final phases of completion, and the doors of one of the most innovative office complexes in Malaysia; perhaps anywhere, will become the inspiration and reality of others.

When one is striving to achieve a certain lifestyle, it is essential that there are evidence and inspiration that that desire will be, not may be, a reality. As young teens, people often put up posters of their idols, their dream cars, dream careers, and dream homes. But what if young business owners had the opportunity to go to work each day and see and feel what it is like to live out the dream?

That is how the concept of Rencana Royale first began. Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd, Encana’s developer, decided to take that vision several steps further. Why not include areas for recreation? A pool? What about a barbecue area for entertaining? What if there is also a prayer room included for those who wish to take time for their spiritual well-being?

Can you see the excited heads nodding in that planning and development meeting? Just imagine the reaction when Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd suggested that living suites be included in this building to provide an opportunity for business owners and their families to reside in the same building as the business. The concept of meeting all the needs of owners is a lofty one, to say the least, but it is also unique, with the objective of providing a place that is home, no matter the time of day. To provide a place where fathers and mothers do not have to bring work home. A place that while together in the same location, are separate.